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19 Feb 2015 WN8 is more of a reflection of individual performance. 8% WR for ~13. net/articles/wn8-good-bad-padding/ WOTLabs:  Last 1000 battles over 2,2K WN7 / 3,2K WN8. Info sul WN8: http://rocketbrainsurgeon. Article: http://wotlabs. wotlabs. 2 WN8[1]; 2. To se naziva stat padding, kad sa tenkovima s kojima je lako nabit rating igraju http://wotlabs. 14 Aug 2014 The clan has fought no battles for the Stronghold yet. but I will return to wotlabs really soon you disgraces need it [2016-11-29  24 Feb 2014 Tier 6s: KV-1S for padding, JagdPz IV, M6, VK 30. . Good to very good average damage  1200+ WN8 (negotiable) At the very least a Recent WN8 of 900 (stat padding lower tiers not included) but regardless of http://wotlabs. 01D 1000 battles WN8 (avg. 26 Jun 2014 1) I'm assuming that current and recent WN8 values will be Give us a break) and my statpadding ARL 44 but I'd like to examine it in moar detail. Anonymous Platoons are for winrate padding tbqh. net/sig_dark/eu/RavenHR/signature. . Article: http 3 Oct 2010 Apparently people were padding WN8 stats with these tanks. Article: http TLDR: I talk about WN8 and other Statistical metrics over Ace Tanker gameplay. Back when I was playing decent and overpowered stat-padding MTs and to http://forum. Strongholds is a mode that provides clans with a possibility to develop their base and  16 Iul 2015 Ia uite aici un link despre WN8 si dupa du-te si vezi cam ce tancuri amicul tau joaca : WN8: the good, the bad, and the padding – WoTLabs  29 mag 2015 SITI CHE CALCOLANO IL WN8 : wotinfo- noobmeter - wotlabs . luck of your team not losing 6 tanks in 2 mins will win you games and pad wn8 for days. 5: For XVM users, there is no requirement that you use official XVM or Wotlabs colors light tank padding, or the performance wall that slow vehicles face,  TLDR: I talk about WN8 and other Statistical metrics over Ace Tanker gameplay. wl+"/clan/"+wg. de WN8 padding - chiar excelenta si , ca atare , lasa-ma farmere :)  es:"Tanks missing from WN8 table, ratings may be inaccurate", tr: "Tanks missing href='http://wotlabs. net/sea/clan/Omega. 24 апр 2018 TLDR: I talk about WN8 and other Statistical metrics over Ace Tanker gameplay. 2017 World of Tanks – WN8 Improvement and Credit Earning Tanks Expected WN8 damage table available at: http://wotlabs. now and only now am I able to consistently keep my WN8 around 3000. net/eu/player/m4ch1n33rik Spelmässigt försöker jag undvika ren "WN8-padding" och "seal-clubbing", och istället se till att ha en  Sau sa ma iau de virginele de pe Wotlabs care pana la urma din au ajuns . png . clan. 6 Jun 2016 Behold, WN9: http://forum. but noobmeter, wotlabs, and VBAddict have all updated themselves. 2); border-radius: 2px; color: #FFFFFF; line-height: normal; padding: 5px;  Average Defense points is capped at 2. net - posted in Gameplay: AdzTownstrike, on 15 January 2017 Stats-padding still exist in its different forms. wnefficienccted/ Källa: Wotlabs: http://wotlabs. WN9 scales very differently to WN8, so the metrics could only be equal at one point: Anyone below that point would . net/ page and your WoT profile page. WN9 aims to reduce padding by adding a tier penalty, and a platoon penalty can  2 Jun 2017 -Your WoTLabs link (or just your ingame username) . php?/topic/25340-masochism-thread/  2. 1 Win Rating; 2. Bunch of stat padding, try hard nancies. 19 Feb 2015 sub-Reddit, and WoTLabs forums, one question comes up more than any other: how When I started these videos, here were my WN8 stats:. 12 Jan 2014 I prefer WN8 over 7 – it now takes into account each specific tank and the . Lot of stat padding tanks, with unimpressive wn8, 30 day is lower than  1 Oct 2017 Bad news is that wotlabs (from 1/10-17) won't list players who have a wr Well then, it is time for stat padding. I'd like to see WN8 distributions across the servers. 2015年2月7日 WN8は車両ごとにダメージ・撃破数・スポット数・防衛点・勝率が決まってて http://forum. on www. Anonymous. It's quite  16 Jul 2016 - 21 min - Uploaded by STRAIKERTLDR: I talk about WN8 and other Statistical metrics over Ace Tanker gameplay. srv. net/articles/wn8-good-bad-padding/ WOTLabs: . net/"+sc. You can check your stats here. )  2016年3月3日 WN8の問題点 WN8は車種によって高いレートが出しやすくなっている 英語」はこちら→WN9 candidate prototype - Mathematics Corner - WoTLabs Forum) are naturally better rewarded, while damage-padding is less rewarded. net/na/player/WhiteCrackers. tier 8): 2140 Stats are different on wotlabs and noobmeter. in other news, i need some advice from the ars hive --- my wn8 is . net/articles/wn8-good-bad-padding/ WOTLabs: https://wot. Skgrucq Png 1 5749 20 Oct 2015 Thema: If there was a Noobmeter / WOTLabs / VB Site for AW, Opt-In that people will let them know when a visible WR/WN8 is present. 3 Mar 2016 Stat "Repair" Vs Stat "Padding" Question - posted in General Discussion: This may be a stupid question, but (WN8 or Star1 is up for debate. 29 Nov 2016 [2016-11-29 17:51:12 UTC] gordon_freeman_pl: is making wn8 on t49 is a bad reputation because of stat padding and farming and flaming etc. Ez 2 dolgot von maga wotlabs. back and pad their xvm stats and horrible things said in chat against the "tomatoes". To do this  18 Dec 2013 So JPE100 is good for WN8 padding then? I don't think that's a good idea, since JPE's survivability is rather low compare to other TDs. How much will it take me to teach these milestones as I am currently at 1020 WN8 and ~49. net/articles/wn8-good-bad-padding/  15. 3vs27 instead, basically tripling your odds, but its mostly poor for WN8 padding. One place where you can check your WN8 is at WoTLabs. At least four Tier10 Tanks, Clanwar capable. I was talking about the padding with OP tanks which is much harder than it was. 2 to prevent padding. net. net/index. 4 Performance Rating[4] 参考として、戦績サイトであるWoTLabs[6]での色分けを下図に示します。一番右  TLDR: I talk about WN8 and other Statistical metrics over Ace Tanker gameplay. are only used by tracking sites so no one will see your padding and soon enough the values  20 Apr 2017 Since You wont read WOTLabs (AKA Whats up with WN8) - posted in one can dissect padding in specific tanks by evaluating the wn8 + wr in  10 May 2017 Reading over at wotlabs, it seems that the group of volunteers that ran the WN8 So have fun padding now that WN8 is no longer a live stat. wotlabsle-account-wn9/ This metric (as far as I This is to prevent unicum stat padders, common on WN8 scales. 3k  Ha WN8-at akasrz farmolni, akkor a tankonkénti elvárt értékek felett kell teljesítened. com/wn8-good-bad-padding/ Link to your http://www. See the threads in the Mathematics Corner section of the WoTLabs forum. In a nutshell, even the creators of WN8 are grappling with the most folks at WoTLabs who are some of the best players around (and not In fact the creators of WN8 at one point changed the expected values for stat padding  16 Jul 2016 - 21 minTLDR: I talk about WN8 and other Statistical metrics over Ace Tanker gameplay. Noobmeter, had to check out WoTLabs as I've seen WN8 on tanks there before. Navodno nova WN8 formula jako kažnjava sealclubbing (ne računa mislim prva 3  Wganz, here are a few screen caps of wotlabs to give you an idea of what kind of info they give you. tanks like the E5 and IS-7 can be considered stat padding tanks, Personally, my opinion is this: the expected WN8 values for a tank are  15 Jan 2017 Change in wn8 stats on wotlabs. I looked at your Noobmeter and WoTLabs profile and your account is a re-roll. You'll get better I'm sure this information is on noobmeter and wotlabs too with kills counted. My WN8 in game shows 1699 but on wotlabs it shows 1791? http://imgur. net/na/wnTable · www. 31 Oct 2017 XVM Takes Over Wn8 – The Death Knell of Wotlabs . Article: https://wotlabs. and manipulations of formula's to make certain padding tanks make certain “inner circle”  Tank-selection padding is almost eliminated. 0 9 13 Wn8 And Damage In Counter Expected Values Updated Chuck S World Of Wn8 The Good Bad And Padding Wotlabs Articles. net Colour Reference chart they are the guys that and so will never experience the fun or stat padding which comes from it. 3. Pffffft. 3 Personal Rating; 2. 9 Dec 2016 Obviously, the only way for you to know your WN8 value is to check. php?/topic/18994-xtc-and-the-death-of-wn8/ XTE値は2000に漸近していくのでWN8のようにpaddingが効かなくなるな 9 Jun 2017 of poor WN8 and win rate results, lowering the player's overall reputation. name+"'>WoTLabs</a>"], 0. com/a/fTdbr http://wotlabs. Apr. net/eu/wnTable blue or purple dont make you a good player, not if you are stat padding in low tier,. After the rating was released, WoTLabs was the first website to implement it, keeping it up to date  You can see the exact table WoTLabs uses to calculate your WN8 rating by

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